What Is Coated Mesh?

Snyder Manufacturing coated mesh fabrics in red, green and black rolls

About PVC Coated Mesh

PVC Coated Mesh (PCS) consists of two components: liquid vinyl (PVC) compound and knit polyester scrim.
PVC is applied to mesh and is heat cured.

Like our laminate products, the PCS products contain anti-bacterial agents, mildew inhibitors, UV and heat stabilizers. Our FRCS products are also formulated with flame retardants.

Unlike some mesh products that are woven from knitted PVC coated polyester yarn, our PCS product is coated after knitting which locks in the yarns and gives an even tougher fabric.

PVC Coated Mesh Applications

Common applications of PCS include construction barrier fencing, agricultural shading, truck tarps, landscaping tarps, awning liners, safety vests/flags and sports bags. The mesh fabric is also a popular choice for athletic uses, including tennis court windscreens and indoor gym dividers.

About Snyder Manufacturing

Snyder Manufacturing is an American manufacturer of high-performance laminated fabrics, PVC coated mesh, extruded films and military specification materials. We deliver on-time, high-quality standard and custom solutions for a wide range of applications for commercial, industrial and government customers in many industries.

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