Military Fabrics

Military Specification Fabrics
(Mil-Spec Fabrics)

Snyder Manufacturing military fabrics are produced in 8 oz./yd², 9 oz./yd², 10 oz./yd², and 18 oz./yd² weights, with over ten Federal Standard military shades matched. These military fabrics are produced to conform to USIFI-DTL-55308 (A-A-55308), MIL-C-43006, MIL-PRF-20696F, MIL-PRF-44103D and other applicable military standards. Additional properties include: cold crack from -20°F to -60°F, meets IR & Opacity Requirements, Abrasion and Puncture Resistant.

Products range from military tent fabric, to canvas fabrics, to tension structures providing superior, long-lasting protection for military equipment. Snyder Manufacturing Military products are produced in the USA meeting Berry Amendment compliance and Buy American Compliance. Snyder Military Fabrics can also be produced as non-Berry compliant.

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General Laminates

In our general laminate product we offer knit scrim products for higher flexibility and woven scrim products for higher strength. These products are produced in either Faille or Smooth Dull emboss, these products have excellent abrasion, tensile and tear resistance, and are formulated for mildew and fungal resistance.

Key Properties


Divider Curtains, Field & Floor Covers, Shading, Window Shades, Truck Covers

PVC Coated Mesh

Snyder PVC coated mesh products can be utilized for shading and windscreens for tent structures. The FRCS products are formulated to comply with NFPA and California State Fire Marshall FR requirements. These products are available in 8 oz./yd² and 10 oz./yd².

Key Properties


Windscreens, Shading, Window Shades


WeatherSpan™ products are unsurpassed among laminated vinyl fabrics in abrasion resistance, mildew resistance, and weather and UV resistance while sustaining high tensile and tear strength. These products are available in 13 oz./yd², 16 oz./yd², and 18 oz./yd² constructions with potential light transmission classes of translucent, semi-block, or full light blocking.

Key Properties


Tents, Shading, Tension Structures