Industrial Fabric For Field Hospital Cots

Blue hospital cot made with Snyder Manufacturing fabric

Ohio Companies Collaborate to Produce Field Hospital Cots

Snyder Manufacturing, industrial fabrics manufacturer, recently joined forces with Ohio businesses to develop much needed field hospital cots in response to the COVID-19 crisis. PioneerIWS, steel manufacturer based in Dalton, OH, initiated the project, and within two weeks, began shipping essential cots across the country, with production rates at up to 1,000 cots per day.

Snyder’s Role as Industrial Fabric Manufacturer

As a vertically integrated organization making film, scrim and laminate, we reacted quickly to Pioneer’s Request for cot material. Snyder employees rallied together for a great cause working overtime to fulfill Pioneer’s orders.

Collaborative Efforts

Jolene Meese, General Manager at Snyder explains, “Eddie Wengerd, General Manager of Pioneer, reacted quickly to an emergency situation and was great to work with. He communicated with us daily, ensuring we understood their needs. It is an honor for Snyder to contribute to this partnership. When Ohio companies work together, we produce amazing results.”

Jeff Sponseller, from Miller Weldmaster, played a key role in bringing Pioneer, Seaman Corporation and Snyder together, while James Miller at Snyder connected Pioneer with local customer, Arise Tents, to contribute to the project. Their quick reactions and “can do” attitudes made all the difference in producing top quality cots, quickly.

In total, over a dozen Ohio businesses pulled together to offer their expertise and products to aid in the fight against the Coronavirus.

About Snyder Manufacturing

Snyder Manufacturing is an American manufacturer of high-performance laminated fabrics, PVC coated mesh, extruded films and military specification materials. We deliver on-time, high-quality standard and custom solutions for a wide range of applications for commercial, industrial and government customers in many industries.

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