Fabric Formulated to Withstand UV Rays

UV Ray Test Comparing Snyder Manufacturing fabric to competitor

Say Goodbye to Fading Industrial Fabrics

Our industrial fabric is known for its outstanding UV stability, weathering, anti-mildew, and strength. We recently tested our formula’s ability to produce vibrant colors that maintain their color after long-term UV exposure. To make it even more fun, we decided to test a competitor’s fabric at the same time.

The UV Ray Testing Process

The samples were tested in our Q-Panel Accelerated Weathering Tester using a UVA340 light source. The samples were exposed to a cycle of 4 hours condensation (no UV) and 4 hours UV exposure. The samples were pulled after 2000 hours exposure and were checked visually.

About the UV Ray Test

The QUV is a comparative test and the results depend on the material being tested, however they will show a failure of the polymer or pigments that are used in the formulation. When the polymer fails the physical properties degrade. When the pigment system fails the color changes. A rule of thumb for UVA340 is that 1000 hours exposure equates to 1 year of South Florida Exposure.

Test Results

As you can see from the photo, Snyder’s fabric kept its vibrant color even after 2000 hours of exposure unlike the competitor’s product.

About Snyder Manufacturing

Snyder Manufacturing is an American manufacturer of high-performance laminated fabrics, PVC coated mesh, extruded films and military specification materials. We deliver on-time, high-quality standard and custom solutions for a wide range of applications for commercial, industrial and government customers in many industries.

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